Posted by: simplyelegant1 | July 19, 2010

Your Memorable Maui Wedding

Aloha Gentle Reader,

So, it’s time to plan your dream wedding on Maui… You and your beloved and those others whom you treasure will all be there to celebrate this most special and joyful occasion.

And, let’s be honest, you would love to have everybody talking about it and remembering it for decades as one of the best, if not the best, wedding ever!

So what will people remember most? Will it be your dress? Will it be the venue? Or the food? Or the music? The flowers?

Of course the  overall ambience and the experience as a whole will create the images that memories are made of. But there are usually a few things that stand out and some that will be forgotten. (We’ve all had the chicken breast and frozen carrot culinary experience at a hall. But it doesn’t take a prominent role as one of the highlights in our memories of the event…)

We remember the noteworthy, the things that delight and surprise us.  The things that make us laugh or cry. The things that make us ooh and aah.

Knowing that and putting it to good use is a great trick to have in your arsenal. Most couples don’t  have unlimited funds for their weddings and, when they’re traveling to Maui and staying in hotels or condos, it takes a bite out of the budget. And so prioritizing becomes essential.

Unfortunately you can’t plan exactly what will make people laugh or cry. (A note: Many of my clients are afraid that they will make a gaff and people will laugh. These people are there because they love you. It’s your day. There is nothing to worry about. It’s not like Mel Gibson being caught on tape…)

Are you and your guests foodies? If so you might want to allocate more money to that. Are you all music freaks? How about a band for the reception? Are you coming from someplace cold and snowy to the tropics for the first time? Flowers and their scents can emphasize the lush surroundings. Or perhaps there’s a certain era that tickles the romance in you. Any choice that you make will provide a theme.

Once you’ve decided what aspect of the celebration you want to concentrate on you have a foundation to build around. You can incorporate that into just about everything, from colors to speeches.

Let your photographer know what is important. And tell anybody that’s going to make a speech.

And worry not about cutting corners in other places. Less becomes less conspicuous. It’s like walking into a room where there is a huge painting on the wall. If you like it you won’t notice the lampshades.

This approach can also tweak your creativity. Do some surfing on the web and get some visuals that inspire you. You may easily provide inspiration for another bride in the future!

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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