Posted by: simplyelegant1 | July 7, 2010

Guest List for Your Maui Wedding

Aloha gentle reader,

After cruising wedding and destination wedding forums one question seems to pop up almost everywhere.

And that question is who and how many people should we invite to our wedding on Maui? My clients typically start with an uncertain count. As the date approaches it always changes, sometimes dramatically.

There are generally several concerns. The biggest of which is the budget. Then there’s how far down the relative chain, just first cousins or as far as cousins twice removed. Should single guests be allowed to bring dates? What about the parents’ friends? Etc., etc., etc..

If you’re having your wedding on Maui it makes things a little bit easier. And a little bit harder.

It is usual to have a significantly smaller guest list for a destination wedding. After all, you’re asking people to leave home, fly (far) away, spend money on a hotel and all the other expenses associated with travel. (That’s the easier part…)

Your  guests probably suspect that the guest list has been radically trimmed and that they have made the cut. Reason #1 to accept.

They  have always wanted to come to Maui but plans for this dream vacation have been interrupted by life. (Instead of their trip to paradise the roof needs to be replaced, the refrigerator breaks down… You get it, any one of those thousands of life’s little emergency rears its pesky head.) Your invitation is tantamount to the proverbial excuse on a silver platter.

The point is that even though the guest list is smaller you can expect a higher rate of acceptances. And you run the risk of hurting the people you care about but don’t invite.

A nice way t o dodge this bullet is to have a less expensive party when you return. And you can entertain the masses with photos and videos of your exotic, romantic island ceremony.

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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