Posted by: simplyelegant1 | June 13, 2010

Invitations to a Maui Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is an adventure and is full of unknowns. So why do so many couples choose to have their weddings on an island, Maui, so far for friends and family?

There are as many reasons as there are couples.

A destination wedding is often going to involve less people, or so conventional wisdom tells us. This is usually true, but not always. In the research that I’ve done, although the guest list is usually smaller for a Maui wedding than a wedding at home, you will find a higher percentage of acceptances for a destination wedding than one in your hometown.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Most couples who decide on a destination wedding curtail their guest list and invite only those that they truly want to attend. Even this list can be extensive.

Don’t assume that because travel and expense is involved that many on your list will say nay. Some will. Others may ask you to help them financially so that they can be there for you. (A bit tacky in my opinion, but it happens.)

And then there are those who always wanted to come to Maui but put it on hold because the roof unexpectedly sprung a leak or some other expense hit them at just the wrong time. These are the people that perceive your invitation as the perfect excuse to spend that extra money.

So, how do you invite the people that you really want to be there without hurting feelings or taking their expenses on yourself.

Start early with save the date cards. And tactfully explain that you are unable to subsidize their trip should that come up. You can give them the people to contact to arrange accommodations. (Any wedding coordinator should be able to help you with this.)

And, again tactfully, let them know that an acceptance is not a casual thing. If they accept, you expect them to be there.

Don’t be afraid of calling them if you don’t hear from them in a timely manner.

Once list A is taken care of, go to list B if you want to. Same rules apply. You truly need to know how many guests will be attending.

Destination weddings aren’t like hotel banquet facilities where a few more or less don’t matter. You’ll need an accurate count, especially if you’re having a catered reception at a private venue. It affects not only the food but also the chairs, the napkins, etc., etc…

Maui weddings are magical. (And I graciously assume that all destination weddings are truly special regardless of the location…) Your guests will associate the venue and geographical location with the two of you.

A well done destination wedding is unforgettable for everybody who attends. They will talk about it for decades and compare every other wedding to yours.

And it’s always nice to be the best!

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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