Posted by: simplyelegant1 | May 18, 2010

When You Want One of Your Guests to Perform a Service at Your Maui Wedding

Aloha gentle reader,

I can’t count the times that a bride  has said to me that a cousin wants to take the photos or a sister wants to do the flowers or their minister wants to do the ceremony.

Depending on the service I will sometimes say yes. But it’s usually not a good thing.

If your minister wants to perform the ceremony he or she needs to obtain a Hawaiian license or the marriage won’t be legal. One way around this is to have a licensed local minister on site to take care of the paperwork. (Many times he can also perform music at the ceremony.)

But there are a few things that your minister needs to be aware of. Our usual ceremonies here last 15 to 20 minutes and that timing is crucial to everything that follows. (We once had a minister that went on for an hour. The lighting for photographs was gone and everything else was thrown off kilter.) If it’s going to be a longer ceremony and we know it, we can simply start earlier. But let’s not be surprised by that.

As far as photography goes, that’s an extremely important component to most couples. If you ask a guest or a relative to do it, you’re putting a tremendous amount of stress on them. And what happens to your relationship with them later if you aren’t happy with the pictures?

The same goes for flowers. To do good floral arrangements you need a set up complete with tools. You need to know the flower vendors (who will charge you retail so you won’t be saving any money). You need a place to store the flowers so they remain fresh until they’re needed.

So there are a lot of things that can go wrong and whoever is trying to please you may well become so stressed as to be unrecognizable.

And I, personally, find it a little outside the limits to ask a guest to work your wedding. But that’s only me.

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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