Posted by: simplyelegant1 | April 8, 2010

When You’re Bringing Your Own Stuff for Your Maui Wedding

Aloha Gentle Reader,

There are many times when brides want, or need, to bring things from home for their wedding and reception. Examples include unity candles, champagne glasses, cake toppers, favors, place cards, CDs, etc.

This is perfectly fine and I don’t know a wedding planner that has a problem with this. But please remember that her staff and she will be very busy, especially during set up and get the items to her in a timely manner.

If you’re doing place cards, please have the cards organized sequentially so that the staff knows who is supposed to be sitting with who. And have them organized by table. If you can get place cards and favors to your planner a day or two before The Day, it will be a big help.

I had a bride who was doing her own bows for the chairs and overlays for the tables. I visited with her and her mother the day before. I spoke mostly with her mother because the bride was so busy ironing the items she had brought. It was agreed that her mother would get the sashes and overlays to the site at least an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to start.

Well, the limo with the bride, her  mother and all the sashes and overlays arrived 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. The bride was extremely upset that they weren’t in place when she arrived.

It turned out that her mother had mentioned several times during the morning that she needed to deliver things to us but the bride didn’t want her to leave.

Had they called me, I would have gone by to pick the items up. But they didn’t.

We scrambled and managed to get the chairs done by ceremony time and the overlays done by the time the ceremony ended. But it was totally unnecessary stress for all involved and could easily have been avoided.

We’re more than happy to accommodate any personal touches that you would like to add. We only ask that you realize that we need to know about them and have them in a timely manner.

Peace, sunsets, and aloha from Maui,


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