Posted by: simplyelegant1 | February 13, 2010

Long Time, No Wedding Blog

Aloha Gentle Reader,

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Maui wedding blog. Sometimes life and weddings get in the way.

I’ll skip the life part other than saying that I broke my shoulder which certainly affects blogging adversely. The good news is that I’m a medical miracle and my shoulder is mending far better than it should without surgery.

In the interim I’ve done two weddings which were both fabulous!

The one thing that they had in common was that they both had hula dancers.

I usually am a bit leery about having that type of entertainment at a wedding because it can limit the social interaction between guests. Or so I thought. Happily, I was wrong.

The dancers invited the guests to come up and give it a try. I cringed. Again, happily, I was wrong.

The dancers were so warm and open and the guests were so warm and open that it worked beautifully.

I’ve been to my share of luaus and have seen this embarrass everybody.(Except the attendees that were too inebriated to be embarrassed by anything.)

What I learned is that when people are at a private location with only friends and family in attendance, it’s a whole different thing.

Virtually every able bodied person got up there and gave it a try. And loved it. Why? Because they were totally comfortable with  the atmosphere. And they had a great time.

Another plus seemed to be that it limited the “speech time”. I’ll go into that in a different blog, But it was such fun for everybody to try and hula. Not surprisingly some were, shall we say, less serious about doing the dance correctly. But it was great fun!

I  highly recommend incorporating hula dancers and their musicians into your wedding, especially if you are at a private location where they laugh with you. As opposed to….

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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  1. Hi Ellen

    I must say I agree.

    We often have traditional Thai dancers at our weddings and the guests love the interaction. Our totally private wedding venue does allow the warmth of the group to be very supportive.

    The fun thing about a destination wedding is most everyone is there because they want to be not because they have to be.

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