Posted by: simplyelegant1 | December 30, 2009

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding?

If you’re getting married in your hometown what to wear is usually not a huge mystery. The biggest difficulty is finding that perfect dress. And the groom will often wear a traditional tuxedo. However, a destination in a tropical climate like Maui can complicate matters.

When I say the tropics, I’m not necessarily talking about the equator.

Maui and most destinations are not on the equator. It may seem that we don’t have seasons, but we do.

Even though I live here, I have light sweaters and jackets for the wintertime.

So, first find out what the temperature is likely to be. On Maui it can be completely comfortable until the sun sets. And then it can be chilly. If your wedding is in the winter months, bring a shawl or a light sweater for after dark.

And don’t forget that locations below the equator have opposite seasons. It may seem obvious, but July below the equator is winter.

Also, on Maui, there are different climactic zones. It may be warm in one place and chilly in another.

There is far more flexibility here than in most mainland ceremonies. Some brides want the traditional white wedding dress while some make their vows in bikinis. It’s completely up to you. Let your imagination run wild.

One thing that I would not suggest is a long veil. Most weddings here are held outside and the wind can play havoc with a long veil. If you really, really want a veil, bring a couple of clothespins to anchor the veil in place if needed.

For guests there’s the question of what the bride wants… Never wear black or white. And try to stay away from her colors. I know…. Easier said than done.

Does she want formal or casual? (By the way, casual does not usually mean cut off jeans and flip flops.) Honor her by dressing appropriately. But don’t forget the weather…

And to the brides. If you truly love your groom, don’t ask him to wear a black wool tuxedo in the tropics. It’s torture for the poor man. A linen suit will look great and make him much more comfortable.

The attire depends on the location and the time of year. If you don’t take both into consideration everybody may be less than comfortable.

You won’t need furs for your Maui wedding, but you may want to bring  a   light sweater or shawl.

After all, you don’t want your teeth chattering during the “I do”s.

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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