Posted by: simplyelegant1 | December 8, 2009

Why You Really Need a Maui Wedding Planner

Aloha Dear Reader,

There are several reasons why you need a Maui wedding planner. Or a planner for any destination wedding for that matter.

Let’s begin by defining a Maui wedding planner’s role in your destination wedding. She (or he) will  be the means by which your dreams become reality. Your wedding consultant will be able (we hope) to contribute valuable tips and suggestion based on extensive experience. She knows what works and what doesn’t.

Your destination wedding consultant has important relationships with local vendors allowing him, or her, to get better prices than you could get on your own. (I sometimes receive up to a 60% discount on retail prices.)

So let’s ask some questions. We’ll start with the basics.

  1. Do you have an intimate knowledge of the place you have chosen for your destination wedding? If you’re planning a Maui wedding, for example, do you know what the weather is like on different parts of the island during different times of year? (You’ll want to know that to choose a location.)
  2. Do you know how long it takes to travel from your hotel or condo to your Maui wedding location? This one’s kind of important too.
  3. Do you know the vendors well? Can you distinguish between them based on anything other than price? (More expensive isn’t always better. And cheaper isn’t always a bargain.)
  4. Are you certain that you won’t forget any of the pieces of what can be an intricate  puzzle? (I’ve seen DYI weddings where the bride ordered tables and assumed they’d come with tablecloths. Wrong.)
  5. What will you do if something goes wrong? (This could be anything from running out of ice to somebody getting injured.)
  6. Do you know all the rules for the specific wedding location that you’ve chosen? If not, you could innocently break one and face a financial penalty.
  7. Do you really want to work your own wedding? Any entertaining entails work and a wedding requires significantly more work than more casual events. Do you want to be worrying about where your photographer is while you’re getting your makeup done?

One path many DYI brides take is using family or friends in place of professionals for many of the services. Apart from the obvious faux pas of asking your guests to work for their dinner, you’re putting a lot of pressure on them to perform flawlessly. What if you don’t like Cousin Danny’s photos? What if people become ill from Aunt Sue’s casserole?

The answers… They’ll feel terrible and you’ll be responsible.

Another path I’ve seen over and over is the “user”. This is where a DIY bride consults a professional planner in the guise of being a potential client when, in reality, she is just trying to get information.

If you’re considering this, be advised. It’s not only unethical, it usually doesn’t work. The vendors won’t respond the same way to you as they do  to her and you probably won’t end up saving any money. Also, the Maui wedding community is pretty closely knit and word will get around. You may find that within a few weeks nobody is willing to talk to you, let alone help you.

Your Maui wedding consultant can help make your wedding day the smooth flowing, stressless dream that you want. You can bask in the attention and love that flow around you knowing that there is somebody in the background making certain that all the loose end are securely tied.

Peace, sunsets and aloha from Maui,


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